Dr. Michael Huddleston (DVM)

Full-Service Veterinary Care. Love Included.

Welcome to state-of-the-art care and compassion for your family pet. We are a full-service companion animal hospital and our commitment and mission is to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Our services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime. Dr. Michael Huddleston and his staff are here for your family and offer all aspects of care including:

  • Routine vaccination care
  • Hospital services
  • Special care services
  • Spay and neutering your pets
  • Orthopedic services
  • Dental care and prevention
  • Bathing and Grooming
  • Digital imaging and laboratory services
  • Surgery
  • Microchipping
  • K Laser Treatments

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Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire Services

General and Routine Care
Keeping your pet healthy with routine care is one way to make sure they stay active and happy. We offer everything for the life of your pet from basic vaccinations, to spay and neutering, from flea and tick prevention to heartworm prevention, routine dental care and microchipping. Our goal with preventative care is to help your pet stay in good shape and tend to the small problems before they become big problems. We also offer special diets and nutrition guidance for young and old pets alike, including pets with allergies and diabetes.


Dr. Huddleston is a veterinary surgeon with over 35 years of experience. He has performed hundreds of surgeries from the most simple such as spay/neuters or cyst removal to the most advanced including heart surgery. His meticulously clean facilities have all the latest equipment and his trained support staff are there for the safest anesthesia and operation monitoring.

Animal Clinic Technology and Equipment

Digital Imaging and Lab Services
With the latest technology and procedures we can pinpoint problems and provide medications right here in our facility. Our staff are experienced and trained to read digital images, ultrasounds, MRI and CT scans and use their experience to diagnose and recommend effective treatment.

Hospital Services
If your pet requires and overnight stay or longer, our facilities have full-service Hospital Care, Intensive Care and a Rehabilitation Centers to keep them safe, comfortable and improving.

Orthopedic Services
With the goal of helping dogs and cats stay mobile and active we specialize in orthopedic care, arthritis management, ACL surgery, and joint care. We have also helped pets who have lost limbs adapt to artificial legs, from fitting to rehab.

Other Special Services
We treat animals with love and knowledge in all areas and conditions from skin care, kidney and bladder stone removal, tumor removal and analysis