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Ashley's Review of Animal Clinic Bellaire Staff and Service

Travels with Chica

“Chica travels to Nigeria with her parents several times a year. When she goes she gets to visit her best friend Donnie, which is an African Duiker. They love eating bananas together on the porch, except the Duiker also eats the banana peel. Thanks for fixing her up so she could go again this year! You guys are the best vet hospital and the nicest people on the planet!!”

Ashley Martin

Baby Daniel Thanks You

A Big Baby Daniel Thank You

“A huge THANK YOU from our hearts to yours for all of the continued love & support everyone has offered! Daniel has continued to improve a bit day by day and we couldn’t have made it this far without you all!”

Janice Wolfe

Budha Bear's Boo-Boo

Buddha Bear’s Boo Boo

“Buddha Bear  somehow broke his “thumb” nail all the way down to the skin. They removed it and bandaged him up. It seems to have happened when he and Karma were playing outside this morning. They are so nice at Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire and they made Buddha Bear feel relaxed and calm. Thank You!!!!”

Elisa V. Mae

Great Vet And Pet Service

WOW to the Max

“WOW what a turnaround! GO MAX – and a huge thank you to his caregivers – YOU are those that make a difference ”

Tanya Bertand Mai

Doc Huddleston is a Fantastic Surgeon

My sweet Edgar “Special Ed” has had at least five surgeries for skin cancer.  Each time, Doc has cleared the margins of the tumors. Doc’s sutures are skillfully placed, so that my cat doesn’t even notice them!  I am so impressed (and so grateful) for Doc’s SKILL and CARE!  Doc is a life-saver.
Plus, I highly recommend the Westheimer Animal Clinic for everything else!
The front desk secretarial staff are wonderful – they are always pleasant and efficient in person and on the phone. I always feel that they listen to everything I need and make sure all is scheduled or ordered as needed.
The Boarding facilities are excellent: I’ve boarded my cats several times and my cats stay healthy and are never stressed. It’s obvious they are well cared for each day.
The Groomers are WONDERFUL: my second adult cat gets a “Lion Cut” hair-shave every 6 weeks. She LOVES being groomed here!!!  Excellent groomers here – highly recommended.
Can’t say it enough:  Thank You to ALL of you at Westheimer Animal Clinic!!!


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